Semi-Supervised 3D Hand-Object Poses Estimation
with Interactions in Time

CVPR 2021

Shaowei Liu*,      Hanwen Jiang*,      Jiarui Xu,
Sifei Liu,      Xiaolong Wang

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Estimating 3D hand and object pose from a single image is an extremely challenging problem: hands and objects are often self-occluded during interactions, and the 3D annotations are scarce as even humans cannot directly label the ground-truths from a single image perfectly. To tackle these challenges, we propose a unified framework for estimating the 3D hand and object poses with semi-supervised learning. We build a joint learning framework where we perform explicit contextual reasoning between hand and object representations by a Transformer. Going beyond limited 3D annotations in a single image, we leverage the spatial-temporal consistency in large-scale hand-object videos as a constraint for generating pseudo labels in semi-supervised learning. Our method not only improves hand pose estimation in challenging real-world dataset, but also substantially improve the object pose which has fewer ground-truths per instance. By training with large-scale diverse videos, our model also generalizes better across multiple out-of-domain datasets.


Pseudo-labels on Something-Something

Selected frames in green, unselected in red

Pseudo-labels cover a wide range of subjects, lighting, objects, and backgrounds.

Results on HO3D

Red indicates larger object mesh estimation error.
Baseline: w/o semi-supervised & w/o contextual reasoning.
Proposed Baseline

Generalization on FPHA

All models have not trained on the FPHA.
Compare semi-supervised learning & supervised learning.
xxxxxxxxxxInput Video xxSemi-Supervised Supervisedxxxxxxxxxxx


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